Matching Gifts

One way that you can double your contribution to GBAF is to get your employer to match your donation to GBAF through employer’s Matching Gift program. Give Back Africa Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization and therefore eligible to receive Matching Gifts.

After you make a donation to GBAF, please check with your employer to see if there is an established employee gift matching program. In most cases, this information will be available on you corporate intranet and may include forms or links for you to apply online. If this information is not available online, you can check with your HR department for help. To complete your employer’s Matching Gift form, you will need our mailing address which is provided below.

Give Back Africa Foundation
PO Box 90321
Raleigh NC 27675

If you need additional information to complete you application, please email us at


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