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Kwabena Amponsah-Manager

Kwabena Amponsah-Manager, PhD

Kwabena born in Ghana and had his elementary through graduate  education in Ghana. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in Science (Biochemistry) from the University of Ghana in 1997 and a Master of Philosophy of Science, M. Phil (Biochemistry) in the same institution in 2001.


While pursuing his graduate education in Ghana, Kwabena got the chance to visit the US on an internship with NASA at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, FL.  It was while on the internship program that he developed an interest in the graduate program at the University of Florida to which he applied. Upon completing his master’s program at Legon, he continued at the University of Florida to pursue a PhD program in Chemistry. He graduated in the summer 2005 and has been working in pharmaceutical research & development at the Research Triangle Park in NC since then.


Kwabena’s interest in giving back to his community started far back in the 1990’s during his under-graduate studies at the University of Ghana. During these periods, he volunteered on several occasions for the World Vision and Student Organizations on campus to embark on rural outreach programs to impoverished areas in the Afram Plains in Ghana to share his experiences and background,  educate the people and support their community development activities.


Kwabena has a strong passion for issues affecting women and children as demonstrated by the diverse amount of materials he has written on these issues on his personal blog He has a special concern for the issue of malaria and HIV that are robbing millions in Sub-Saharan African of livelihood and he believes his educational background as a scientist and cultural roots place him at an advantage point to be able to speak about these issues in a way the makes sense to the communities.

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