Statement of Purpose

Give Back Africa Foundation is a community-focused not-for-profit organization based in North Carolina, USA. GBAF was founded with the sole mission to assist children in underprivileged communities in Africa with educational and health support. We envision a continent with vibrant and healthy citizens that have unlimited access to potable water, quality education, and are free of malaria and water-borne diseases.

The children in the poor and mostly remote communities constantly face a wide range of challenges that derail their dreams, aspirations and their ability to reach their full potentials. Among the many challenges include:

  1. Lack of potable water that results in outbreak of water-borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, typhoid fever and dysentery
  2. Widespread of deadly diseases like malaria and HIV AIDS and
  3. Lack of educational facilities and resources needed to create conducive environment for effective learning. Many children die of preventable diseases while those who survive are too often left on the streets or are stuck performing manual labor jobs without any formal education opportunities.

Spurred on by their strong passion for health, educational and environmental issues and their personal and professional experiences, the founders of GBAF identified three areas where the organization  can an make significant impact in the lives of these children:

  • To provide educational facilities and materials (libraries, books, and computers) as well as sports and recreational facilities to schools in underserved areas.
  • To provide the children and families in these poor communities with the necessary educational materials and ¬†tools to help ¬†reduce the prevalence of malaria (brochures, mosquito nets, repellants)
  • To install boreholes and wells to supply potable water to the communities thereby reducing contact with infected water and the alarming incidence of water-borne diseases.

Foundation for the Under-privileged