Educational Support

Give Back Africa Foundation truly believes in the phrase “Knowledge is Power” because we believe individuals make better decisions and choices in life when they are well informed. The literacy level in Africa is far below the international average, and we have a commitment to educate our children, who are mostly on the streets due to a lack of resources, guidance, and conducive learning environments. It is unfortunate that most of us in the developed world take the opportunities that we have for granted.

In very remote areas in Africa, one may not find a school within about 10-mile radius, and if you are fortunate to find one, we can guarantee that such a school is well under-resourced in terms of books, learning aids, playgrounds and sufficient number of classrooms that are vital for effective early learning. As result, some teachers refuse to be posted to these areas.

The good news is that some of us came from such communities. With little help, we’ve worked hard to obtain advanced degrees in our respective fields. The sad part is that most of the children never make it anywhere because they do not receive any assistance from the government or their poor parents, if they have any. Their hopes, dreams and potentials are very much derailed by their circumstances. Most do not get the little push some of us had.

If there’s anything to warm your heart about children in these communities, that would be the fact that they are all eager and enthusiastic to go to school every day. It therefore behooves on all of us to take action to help empower these communities, and so Give Back Africa Foundation would like you to join us in this effort. While we cannot directly impact every underprivileged community, we can start with one community one school at a time and motivate those we touch to carry forward the spirit of giving to help others when they’re able.

In this program, Give Back Africa Foundation will focus on the following areas:

  • Provision of basic educational aids to under-resourced schools. These materials may include books, educational play toys, used and new computers, and other early learning tools.
  • Institute scholarship and award programs for brilliant-but-needy children in the underprivileged communities

Using our community-focused approach, we will identify the most underprivileged communities and brilliant-but-needy students, work directly with key stakeholders such as parents, teachers, community leaders, religious leaders, and gatekeepers to ensure that our programs are effective and successful. In particular, we will do follow-ups to monitor the use of the funds, materials, instruments and facilities we provide, as well as measure the impact on the individuals and communities receiving the donations.

Why we think we can make a difference: Some of Give Back Africa Foundation’s staff have been in such situations before. We know the situation on the ground. We were fortunate to get help from extended families, scholarships, free or government subsidized textbooks and materials. We believe now is the time to give back. But the enormity of the problems is such that we cannot make meaningful impact without your help. We believe, together, you and Give Back Africa can make a difference in many lives if we join forces together.

Please click here for how to donate and make a difference in people’s lives or contact us for more information. We are accountable to all our donors and sponsors.  Thank you for your contribution. Please come back occasionally to read about any success stories and our progress in this campaign and you may also register to receive updates. Don’t forget to spread the word.


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