Community Playground for Kids CP4K

Community playgrounds for kids (CP4K) is an initiative to provide an atmosphere for children to enjoy their cherished childhood moments in a welcoming environment and to promote wellness and healthy lifestyles among African children. CP4K is part of a comprehensive program intended to encourage and educate children about the benefits of healthy life and the consequences of childhood obesity. Most importantly, several studies show that increased activity in children leads to higher learning rate.

These facilities will serve as recreational amenities for kids, where they can spend quality time outside school and away from farms. Most children accompany their families to the farms on Saturday morning and to Church on Sunday morning. But they have no place to play in the afternoons or during holidays. Lastly, a major long-term benefit from these social amenities is an active future generation with lower health risks and healthcare costs.

In the developed world, such as the United States, every daycare through elementary school is required to have a playground. These schools are mandated to have outdoor activities as part of their curricula. Unfortunately, such is not the case in Ghana and other developing countries. Hardly would anyone find children’s playground in a school or community.  The only common recreational facility is a soccer field that is mostly used by the adult.

Give Back Africa Foundation has therefore identified children’s playgrounds as important need that must be met. It also makes the organization unique because no single organization that we know of is committed to providing playgrounds for kids in Ghana or other parts of Africa.

With limited resources, we have adopted the most efficient approach to make the playgrounds as cost effective as possible to enable GBAF reach many communities. We will ask community leaders to donate the required size of land in a suitable location for such recreational use. Most of the materials for the playgrounds will be obtained locally so as to reduce costs and provide a source of employment to the local people. In addition, GBAF intends to rely heavily on volunteers in the installation of these facilities. We intend to provide one playground per community. Depending on the size of a community, we may provide a larger facility or multiple facilities based on availability of resources and other local factors.

Please join us in this effort by donating to GBAF. Ultimately, with one playground per one community approach, we believe that you and GBAF will be able to provide a balanced learning environment for the children in these poor communities in Africa.

Foundation for the Under-privileged