Anne Keyworth’s Profile

Anne is a recent graduate of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she studied Community Health Education and Women’s and Gender Studies and currently works with City Year Boston, tutoring and mentoring in inner city schools. She’s enthusiastic about service and is passionate about global human rights and gender issues.

Since Anne can remember she’s been passionate about global social justice and human rights issues, and specifically the disproportionate affects they have on women and girls. During her time in university, Anne had the opportunity to experience various public health related internships focusing on underprivileged populations. One of these was a 3 month internship at a rural village health clinic in Abokobi, Ghana where she partnered with staff to assist patients mostly suffering from malaria, implemented a malaria prevention program at a local primary school, and administered polio vaccinations in nearby rural villages. Less than 2 years later Anne completed a semester long internship in northern Uganda where she worked on networking and capacity building for organizations that provided outreach services to former child soldiers and child wives. These and other internships solidified Anne’s passion for global social justice and human rights issues and have strengthened her commitment to working towards alleviating health disparities.

Anne’s personal philosophy reflects working towards a world where the empowerment of individuals and the education and mobilization of communities to create healthier and sustainable living environments is a continuous global partnership and priority. She believes in inspiring individuals to create positive change in their community, striving to understand and alleviate health disparities, and advocating for under served communities who have been left behind in our global dialogues. Anne is excited to be a part of Give Back Africa’s commitment to supporting African children in reaching their full potential through education and health initiatives.

This year Anne has committed to a year of service on behalf of City Year Boston where she’ll be working in inner city schools to strengthen communities, help students succeed in their personal and academic goals, promote civic engagement, and develop youth leaders. After her year of service she hopes to work for a non-profit organization focusing on global human rights and gender issues, and eventually pursue a Masters degree in a related field.

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